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ClearCorrect Clear Braces and Clear Aligners

ClearCorrect clear braces and invisible aligners are the teeth straightening alternative to traditional braces. Clear braces works for adults, teen and kids. It's a great way to straighten teeth using a clear retainer instead of wire braces and brackets.

With invisible braces, you see all of the benefits of braces without the wire and metal appearance of traditional braces.  In most cases, this service could be provided at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional orthodontics (ortho is the prefix meaning straight) while providing identical results.

PLUS Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics has the latest technology for digitally scanning your teeth. If you've ever had a tooth impression done, you'll be amazed at the difference digital scanning makes.

Come in today to see if this is an option for your needs.

We're so happy with Clear Correct invisible braces that we use them ourselves. Click here to read our blog and see photos. 

Several of our own staff are using ClearCorrect. Come in and ask us to show you how it's working. It's almost impossible to see which person is actually wearing them.

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