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Implants have completely changed what can be done to restore a healthy looking smile these days. There are many advances in implant design. There are even certain types of implants that can be placed at the same time a tooth is being extracted, even if you have had an infection present. Implants have the highest documented success rate of any restoration available. They can replace single teeth, multiple teeth, entire dentitions and even add support and retention to ill fitting dentures. They help maintain bone mass as you age, eliminate the need for destroying adjacent teeth with bridge work, cannot decay and will never need root canals. They look and function just like the original teeth they replace. Only you can determine what quality of life you want to have when it comes to replacing your teeth. Implants have a 99% success rate. 

Why is having a Certified Dental Surgeon place your implant so much better than choosing a dentist? IDIA statistics show that the statistical failure rate of implants that are placed by General Dentists is 18.7%. That is a DRASTIC difference from the 99% success rate achieved when seeing a Surgical Specialist!

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Dr. Farber is one of the top Certified Dental Surgeons in the country. When you visit Dr. Farber you  benefit from the fact that the volume of work that he does allows him to keeps his cost down. Even more importantly, you benefit from his experience from having placed thousands of implants in so many different situations.  If you're considering having dental implants, do yourself a favor and make an appointment for a FREE Implant Consultation with Dr. Farber before making your final choice. Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics is associated with Buffalo Dental Implant, which is where we send most of our implant cases. Buffalo Dental Implant uses Straumann and BioHorizon Implants which are two of the highest quality dental implants available in the industry today. Understand the difference before you decide so that you can make the choice that is right for you.

You can schedule a truly FREE and no obligation visit with us to determine if this process will meet your needs.


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