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Teeth Whitening


Whiter and brighter teeth can give you confidence. They help  you smile just a bit brighter for your profile pics. At BDAC, we're all about getting you selfie smile ready.

Whether your are getting married and want whiter teeth for your photos, or if you just want to feel a bit more confident each day, we understand and have solutions for you.

It is very common for teeth to discolor and pick up stains over time. For great and simple results, we offer 2 options for safe and effective teeth bleaching.

One option is custom made trays and Opalescence whitening gel for at home teeth whitening. This simple cosmetic procedure will brighten your smile to give a youthful appearance.

We also offer Zoom In Office Teeth Whitening. With Zoom in-office whitening you will experience the most advanced whitening technology and get great results in just one visit. Your teeth could whiten as much as 8 shades. You also get a set of mouth trays and starter take home gel to help make your teeth whitening last even longer.

Teeth whitening is one of those things that you really don't want to DIY or get done at the mall. Let us set you up for success. There's a difference between getting your teeth whitened by a professional cosmetic dentist or getting it done at the mall. Cosmetic dentists can legally be hands-on in your mouth and we protect your gums and soft tissue from damage by protecting it with special products that you won't get when you get a quick shopping store whitening treatment. Your smile shouldn't be something that you scrimp on. Teeth whitened by a dentist makes a healthy difference.

Schedule an appointment today! There's a rebate form from Zoom for $40 off an In-Office Whitening Treatment, too!

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