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About Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics opened in the Buffalo market in February 2017. It was created by a group of dentists who wanted to create a better dental experience for the public. These dentists saw a need to have a place where people in WNY could go when they have become embarrassed by their teeth or afraid of dentists. We hear so many stories each day about bad childhood experiences with dentists that resulted in people avoiding their dentists as they grew up. This avoidance caused them to have poor dental care and have "messed up teeth" (their words, not ours) which in turn made them embarrassed to take care of their teeth now. 

Our dentists break the stereotype that dentists usually have. We are warm, gentle, caring, funny and highly skilled dental professionals available for you!

We want to be that safe place where everyone can come with no judgement. We're not here to yell or nag or judge you. We really want to show you what can be done to turn things around. Good dental health can be yours. 

So we created BDAC and we specialize in advanced dentistry without the advanced prices. So many patients are surprised to learn that there is more hope than they thought for their teeth. They actually have options. And that it isn't going to cost as much as they feared.

We are advanced dentistry at every day prices. 

We have the BDAC-TLC visit which is a no obligation consultation with a dentist. It's a free opportunity to sit down with our dentists (no exam, no cost, no stress) and just TALK about what treatments are most likely to benefit you. This is a great first step for anyone with high dental anxiety. 

And of course, we offer "regular" general dentistry, too. 

So no reason to hide and be embarrassed by your smile anymore. Come on in and see the difference. 

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