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Dr. May

Effective March 1, 2024, Dr Elizabeth May will be accepting a position outside of Western New York and will therefore be leaving Buffalo Dental Implant and Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics. 

Please join us in wishing Dr. May well in her new adventures. She has so much respect for each of her patients and has enjoyed all of the moments that were shared with you. 

Dr. May is leaving you in the capable hands of Dr. Pudlewski, Dr. Orfi and Dr. Hariton at the same practices in Cheektowaga in which you saw Dr. May. 

Many of you may have already met these doctors if they filled in for you while Dr. May wasn't available. You can read more about these doctors here at this link.

You will still have the same team of hygienists and staff as before. 

You also have full access to your medical records and we can send them to you should you decide to see another provider who is not in our offices. 

Please know that while Dr May will be missed, it's business as usual at Buffalo Dental Implant and Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics and we are here to continue the care that you have grown to expect. 

For your convenience, if you have an appointment after March 1, 2024, you will be moved to a provider listed above. You can also, of course, choose to cancel your appointment and choose another office. Again, your records can be sent to you. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Liz or Laura at 716-882-3777.

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