Free BDAC TLC Dental Consultation

The TLC Consultation was designed for anyone with really bad dental anxiety. This consultation is a talking only visit. Imagine you went to a friend's house and they had a family member over at the same time who happened to be a dentist and so you were able to ask them all kinds of questions without having to have a formal exam or cleaning. This is that.

​You come to our office and fill out a health history. Then you are called into one of our private rooms and you can just sit and chat with our dentist. There's no formal exam, no charges, and no obligations. We will tell you what we can do and approximately how much each procedure would cost. We can develop a customized sample game plan with you based on your goals. (Please note: an actual treatment plan can not be made until the next visit which would include an actual exam and x-rays.) 

Once you're happy with your choices and have seen the office and dentist in person, the next steps are usually much easier for everyone. If you're ready, you'll set an appointment for a cleaning and an exam with full x-rays. You'll already be on your way to a healthier and confident smile. This exam is where the formal treatment plan is created. 

Jerry Z - (Facebook) "Great concept. . . your team is definitely ahead of the rest; incredible talent and customer service/understanding."

Call (716) 428-6100 and ask for a TLC visit today.