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It's teeth straightening results time~

Several months ago, some of our employees decided to get their teeth straightened using our Clear Correct clear braces. One of our dentists, and 2 assistants have been going through the process and the results have been awesome.

Here's Jamie. Jamie has always been confident, but she had one tooth that bothered her so she decided to straighten her smile.

Here's Jamie before and after....

Clear Correct Braces at Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

Clear Correct braces are our choice because:

1. They cost less than traditional braces

2. It really is hard for people to notice that you're wearing them

3. You can remove them to brush your teeth

4. Some insurances cover these, it's worth checking out

5. You remove them to eat, so you're not limited with food choices

6. They work! (As seen in the photo)

7. You get a retainer to make sure your teeth never regress

8. A dentist makes sure that you are qualified for them and that dentist watches over your whole process. This is a far cry from the do it yourself braces that show people who's teeth are messed up and sometimes even fall out because it was done at home. Do-it-yourself braces are risky.

Call 716-428-6100 today to see if these are right for you. There's no obligation to move forward if you're not comfortable.

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