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Is cold or heat sensitivity affecting you? July is Ice Cream month so we want to know what we can do

What can you do for tooth sensitivity?

July is national ice cream month but what if tooth sensitivity prevents you from enjoying this tasty treat?

I sat down with Dr P and she had some great words of wisdom.

Question: Dr P, what does it mean if I have tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods?

Dr. Diane Pudlewski says:

All of us have some degree of sensitivity, especially to cold. Sometimes just walking outside in the winter can bother people’s teeth. Its normal. If it’s bad enough that it really bothers you, then it’s time to take some action.

Usually sensitivity indicates gum recession. As we mature, we all experience some degree of gum recession. Your teeth get sensitive as gums recede because the roots of our teeth don’t have enamel which is that protective coating that our crowns have. Without the enamel, there are nerve endings that are exposed allowing heat, cold and even sweets to cause sensitivity.

Some people can benefit just from using a sensitive toothpaste. Dr. P recommends Sensodyne. Dr. Farber likes Arm & Hammer. Both work really well.

If the toothpaste isn’t enough, then Dr. Pudlewski also recommends at-home fluoride treatments. Many people don’t know that this also helps reduce sensitivity. I didn’t know that either!

It costs pennies per usage because a tube should last you at least 6 months. Brush teeth like normal with toothpaste before bed. Rinse your teeth, floss, and then brush again using a pea sized amount of Clinpro.

(Clinpro can be purchased online, but if you want prescription strength, it is available right here at Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics and many insurances cover it).

You don’t rinse again after this step, you just leave it on overnight. (children between 6 and 16 should rinse) Who knew?

Clinpro and Arm & Hammer Sensitive toothpaste

In addition to fighting cavities, Fluoride can help reduce sensitivity, too!

(Clinpro is also great for kids that wear braces because those brackets can cause weak spots and clinpro reinforces those areas.)

Dr. P doesn’t necessarily use it every night, she uses it when she notices tooth sensitivity, but it can be used every night. She also doesn’t recommend fluoride treatments when you are pregnant.

Continuous use of toothpaste and at home fluoride treatments can greatly reduce sensitivity. You could be enjoying ice cream again in no time!

An exception to this is if your sensitivity is caused by tooth decay. Regular visits to Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics will help prevent or correct this situation : )

Clinpro fluoride treatment has made a difference for Dr. P. and many of her patients. You can call us at 716-428-6100 to set up an appointment with Dr. Pudlewski to learn more.

Dr. Diane Pudlewski at Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

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