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Do you have or even need dental insurance? It's Open Enrollment time across the country- plus we

Smile Club dental discount plan

It's open enrollment time for health benefits and so many of us across Buffalo NY and the entire country are struggling to read grids and figure out deductibles. It's confusing.

We have two resources for you to help get a better understanding of what insurance and benefits mean, how it works if you have two insurances, what do dental insurance plans cover, and do you even need dental insurance.

Resource number one - Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics & General Dentistry offers The Smile Club which is a dental discount plan that is often used by people without insurance or people that feel like they don't need to pay for a full dental insurance plan.

Click here to read more about The Smile Club. You can also call 716-428-6100 and ask for Amy. She'd be happy to walk you through how it works and see if it's a match for your needs.

Resource number two - is for people with dental insurance and dental benefits questions. We find the article from Dental Association is pretty comprehensive, so rather than re-writing and interpreting the information for you, we are just going to give you a great link that answers many of your questions. Click here to visit the

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you take care of your teeth now, which prevents bigger problems down the road. information on insurance plans

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