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Welcome Dr. Yvonne Carney to Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

On June 3rd, 2019, Dr Yvonne Carney will be joining the team of dentists at BDAC. We are very excited. Dr. Carney offers another choice in our team of General, Family and Cosmetic dentists. Don't worry if you're already a patient, you do not have to give up your dentist. At BDAC you can stick with your favorite dentist and see them every time.

Dr. Carney being on board simply allows our many new patients another choice in doctors.

Dr. Yvonne Carney at Buffalo Dental Advanced Cosmetics

Dr. Yvonne Carney was born in, has been raised in, and remains passionate about the Buffalo N.Y. area.

Her goal each day as a dentist is to erase all of the negative experiences that people may have had in the past and replace them with amazing dental service. Every visit and every minute matters in her chair. Dr. Carney wants every person she treats to have a smile that makes them proud.

When you sit in her chair, you may find her discussing many topics ranging from recipe swapping to complaining vehemently about Tom Brady. It's important to her that dental visits are fun as well as effective. This all ties back to her main goals - helping you enjoy dental visits again, and having you walk out with a beautiful and HEALTHY smile.

Dr. Yvonne Carney was an undergrad at University of Buffalo and also completed dental school at the University of Buffalo. She completed her residency at Buffalo General Hospital. She stays current in all emerging dental techniques and studies continuing education frequently.

She is proud to have 25 years of practicing dentistry under her belt.

She is married to a “lovely gentleman” named Scott. She has two daughters, Sam and Syd. Dr. Carney will tell you that they are the her "greatest joys in life".

Call 716-428-6100 to get an appointment. We look forward to giving you some BDAC TLC : )

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